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A success born from simplicity and naturalness, since 1932.


Gelateria Badiani was opened in 1932 by Idilio Badiani as a dairy and gelateria on the right side of Viale dei Mille towards the Artemio Franchi stadium. A few years later they relocated to 19/r on the same side of the street. The first semifreddi were born here, prepared mostly during winter time.
Idilio Badiani moved to the current location, Viale dei Mille 20/r, in the beginning of the 1960s, creating a classic and elegant space of gelateria, patisserie and coffee shop. In a short period of time, Gelateria Badiani became a point of reference in Florence for tourists and Florentines alike. Since then, noble and natural, high quality ingredients combined with experience and competence have marked Badiani’s gelato and patisserie production.
The Pomposi family took over in 1993, renovating and expanding the space for both sales and production. Today it’s still the Pomposi’s family run business that maintains the high standards of history and tradition of Florentine artisanal gelato, Buontalenti and patisserie.

Brief Overview of the Pomposi Family

Orazio Pomposi came to Florence in 1959, taking over a cafe in the historic center of the city, in Via Calzaiuoli, with the intent of starting to produce artisanal gelato. In 1961 he started the production of his first gelati. In 1966 the Flood of the Arno swept everything away. With great sacrifices, he managed to restart the recently created business.
A few years later Oriazo Pomposi become a reference for other gelato makers in the city and the rest of Italy, dedicating his life to protect and diffuse the tradition and the craft of the product.
In 1993, along with his sons Patrizio and Paolo, he took over the historic gelateria Badiani.
In 1997 Orazio sold the shop in Via dei Calzaiuoli.
Nowadays Patrizio and Paolo Pomposi are still the owners of the historic Gelateria Badiani.




Paolo Pomposi

“I’ve always dealt with gelato since I was a kid in the family business.
My father Orazio started making gelato in 1961 in the shop in the historic center of Florence.
I specialized in production of high quality artisanal gelato, specifically Buontalenti – the first and real one born at Badiani.
I attended numerous professional updating courses of gelato and semifreddo production. Since a few years I am also a “qualified judge for tasters” for gelato and sorbets.
I’m taking the Buontalenti around the world to let everyone discover what “true gelato of the past” is.
And my trick is not to use any trick, except choosing the best ingredients and combining my passion with a great deal of creativity.”


Gelato is an emotion.
What emotion is it if it’s not good?